Long Quan Guan (our community) is located in the deep mountain area of Fu Ping county, The community consists of 12 villages and is aprox. 1800 meters above sea level. The population is currently 8,600.

The diligent villagers made these terraces to produce corn, potatoes and dates.

What We Do

A Lack Of Education Breeds Poverty – In order to solve the issue of poverty, we strive to educate local children and adults in rural areas. Once locals have the knowledge and the skills to produce goods, they can provide for themselves without further assistance. However, to improve local education systems, we need financial support. Where can we get funding?

Teach A Man To Fish, And He Will Eat For The Rest Of His Life
– We believe that money can only solve an immediate needs and not the entire issue of poverty. Poverty is like a bottomless pit and money does not have a long term effect. Instead of giving money to the poor, we give them "fishing poles" and then teach them to master the skills of fishing, thus plugging the bottomless pit. This process generates revenues which provide financial support for improving the locals' lives and education system without additional support. 

By Helping Others One Helps Himself
– Our business model helps local people find a feasible venture project and assists them in building a self sustainable business. Once we help a village succeed, we will continue our model in other villages; we will "franchise" this business model to other regions stricken with poverty. Eventually we will reach out to everyone in the poor areas of China and assist them in becoming self-reliable and self-sustainable. Together we can FLOURISH!