Organic Eggs, Yummy!

This was the first time I tasted
such organic eggs. The yolks were extremely yellow, cooked with local herbs and spices, it was so delicious that you won't forget!  I hope you can join me on our next trip to the village.


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2014 Summer Camp Program

Day 1: Arrival in Beijing.  IB Students/Volunteers are transported from Beijing International Airport to hotel.

Day 2 & 3: Learning about Chinese history – Touring the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square and City of Beijing which is the capital and cultural center of China.

Day 4: IB Students/Volunteers are transported from Beijing hotel to the village by bus.

Day 5 & 6: IB students/Volunteers teach English to village children K-12 and become their Big Brother/Big Sister.

Day 7-11: IB students/Volunteers participate in repairing or rebuilding local projects, such as repairing village roads, elderly/ handicapped homes, school dormitories, farming land and etc. Some IB students/Volunteers will help senior villagers with their farmings. All the projects are aimed to improve the locals’ lives. Each project will have adult supervision and he/she will ensure that all the IB students/Volunteers are out of harm’s way.

Day 12: IB students/Volunteers spend one day with a local hosting family, learn traditional Chinese customs, such as preparing Chinese meals, grinding corn, attending local village performances at night and etc.

Day 13: Return to Beijing by bus.

Day 14: Departing back to the U.S.A.  

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