Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China and the distance between our village and Beijing is approximately 275Km.

There are nearly 19 million people living there according
to the 2011 census. The average annual income is USD 6,100 per person.

Can you believe that there are nearly 2,155 farmers markets in the city of Beijing based on 2008 census? This doesn't count the supermarkets or the convenient stories.

How We Do It

We begun this charity project in the spring of 2011. There is a huge demand for free range chickens in big cities and our plan is to set up a free range chicken farm with a chick hatchery facility in the remote mountain regions of China.

We team up with locals to raise the chicks on their land, buy back flocks and eggs from them, transport goods (eggs and chickens) to our metropolitan distribution center,  distribute goods to our retail locations and collect (chicken) feed on way back to our farm/facility. We think this model is efficient and benefits to all the parties involved in the process. 

The following diagram is our business flow chart: