May 1, 2013 

Mr. Y.W Duan, a local veterinary and an herbalist, joined our team.

Mr. Duan has been raising free range chickens for more than 12 years while he practices medicine. With his help, we will launch our second initiative program called Drug Free Zone (DFZ).

We will buy 1000 layers (egg producing chickens) and give 50 village families who will raise them in a DFZ and pasture based environment under Mr. Duan’s supervision.

If the DFZ program succeeds, we will be the first chicken farm in that area produces healthy eggs and at same time to help the locals who are in need of financial assistance.

The Team

Mr. Julius Fang

Julius is a high school senior. He is actively involved in school activities and has a passion for participating in outside school volunteer projects. Since the age of thirteen, Julius has received business training by working his way up within his work and has held the position of busboy, waiter, front desk clerk, office clerk, sales and marketing, and assistant manager. He is a founder of the dream4all organization and currently holds the CEO position.

Mr. H. Wang

Principal/General Manager
Mr. Wang is the principal of LGH elementary school which is located in a remote mountain village in Northern China. The elementary school currently enrolls 200 students with classes ranging from first grade to sixth grade. Mr. Wang is not only a principal; he is also an activist for promoting equal opportunities for the disadvantaged people. He’s maintained a very close relationship with the locals in this mountain region, the area which we currently sponsor. Mr. Wang serves as our current general manager for the dream4all organization.

Mr. Sunny Chang

We welcome our newest member, Sunny Chang, to our dream4all organization. Sunny is currently a junior and is involved in numerous school clubs including school Business Club president, National Honor Society, Key club and New Global Citizens. He is also an avid athlete, playing on his school’s varsity football team and varsity wrestling.

Dr. Nick Fang

Co-founder/Senior Advisor
Dr. Fang obtained his Ph.D. degree at Rice University and currently he is a Research Scientist at Rice University. Rice University is the one of top schools in the USA and Dr. Fang’s the Rice experience will benefit people on both sides of the globe.

Mr. John Paul Lampson

Senior Advisor
John Paul Lampson has over 25 years of business experience ranging from livestock, timber to agribusiness in the state of Texas. Mr. Lampson’s personal expertise will help the village people to gain new prospective on farming techniques as well as sales and marketing ideas. 

Ms. Ziyu Wang

Club President
Ziyu is a high school senior and she is our Big Brother Big Sister club president. She helped our team set up the BBBS program in China and has reached out to many of her fellow classmates to join our club. In addition to helping out our foundation, Ziyu wants to major in business and political science.

Mr. Jing Liang

Senior Advisor
Mr. Liang is a successful businessman and has been an educator for more than 20 years. In 1991, Mr. Liang cofounded Honor Roll School in the city of Houston, one of the top private schools in the area. Currently Mr. Liang is our primary consultant and advisor on all marketing and financial matters pertaining to our dream4all organization.

Mr. Y.M. Li

Senior Advisor
Mr. Li graduated Xian Jiaotong University and received a MBA degree in United States. Currently, he teaches business management courses in the Hebei Agricultural University. Mr. Li has been published numerous books and articles on business management, business ethics, small business, industry waste management and rural economic development. Mr. Li serves as the Senior Advisor on our dream4all organization.

Mr. J.X. Fang

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor
Mr. Fang is from one of the most prominent families in China. In 1830, his family established the first savings and loan business in Shanghai. The Fang Family then went on to develop more than 40 branches throughout Southern and Eastern China. Mr. Fang’s grandfather was the first person to revolutionize the China chemical industry. Mr. Fang currently owns various businesses and serves as the Senior Advisor on our dream4all organization.